Climate Change Mitigation Through Participation Under CDM, GS or VCS

Carbon Credits are a key component of national and international emissions trading schemes that have been implemented to enable countries to meet their emissions reduction target and thereby mitigate global warming. They provide a way to reduce GHG emissions on an industrial scale by capping total annual emissions and letting the market assign a monetary value to any shortfall through trading. Credits can be exchanged between businesses or bought and sold in international markets at the prevailing market price. Credits can be used to finance carbon reduction schemes between trading partners and around the world. Two major emission trading markets are the compliance-driven CDM Market and the Voluntary Market where credits that are issued under Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard, amongst others, are traded.

The compliance-driven CDM standard and the voluntary standard (viz., VCS and GS) have well- defined procedures to ensure the environmental integrity of projects that seek benefits under the carbon emissions trading regime.

Major Projects:

  • CDM for 1.2MW Renewable Energy Power Project from dairy manure in Jabalpur District, Madhya Pradesh for RDM Care (India)) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi; (2019)
  • GHG Emission Reduction Strategy Development for the Solar Park Projects in Madhya Pradesh for The World Bank, New Delhi; (2017)
  • CDM and GS for 7.2MW Hydropower Project in Chamoli District, Uttaranchal for Supra Enterprises, New Delhi; (2017)
  • CDM for 10MW Munirabad Hydropower Project in Koppal District, Karnataka for KPCL, Bengaluru; (2015)
  • CDM for 3MW Hydropower Project in Kodagu District, Karnataka for Kodagu Hydel Projects Private Limited, Bengaluru; (2014)
  • CDM for 9MW Biomass Power Project in Raichur District, Karnataka for Raichur Bioenergies Private Limited, Karnataka; (2012)
  • CDM for 3MWp Solar Power Project in Kolar District, Karnataka for Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL), Bengaluru; (2012)
  • Sale of Carbon Credits from 9MW Neria Hydropower Plant for Bhoruka Power Corporation Limited, Bengaluru. (2009)

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