Project Formulation For Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

Globally, developing countries are experiencing rapid economic development resulting in increasing Greenhouse Gas emissions. Hence, as per multi-lateral agreements entered into by various countries, each country has developed its own Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) to reduce GHG emissions which has been submitted to the United Nations. In order to aid in accomplishing the GHG emission reductions, major funding institutions propose climate strategies that fully take into account the needs of developing countries. Accordingly, multi-lateral financing institutions conduct a climate-risk assessments for major investments.

Additionally, The National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change and the Global Climate Fund are a couple of key dedicated funds available for implementing climate change-related projects in India. These funds require agencies to prepare project proposals as per a regular template that takes into account technical, social, environmental and financial aspects while integrating the same to the existing knowledge base on climate change.

Major Projects:

  • Solid Waste Management Project, Uzbekistan (2019)
  •  Second Issyk-Kul Sustainable Development Project, Kyrgyzstan (2017)

  •  Pre-Feasibility Study on Mysuru Integrated Drainage System and Climate Change Adaptation Project, India (2016)

  •  Pre-Feasibility Study in Solid Waste Management for Bhopal Municipal Corporation, India (2015)

  • Determine adoptability under a CDM approved methodology AM 0061 for a typical Rehabilitation and Modernization Project in the old coal-fired stations in India. (2012)

  • Baseline Study to determine GHG emission reduction potential at a water and wastewater utility, India. (2011)

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