The global effort to mitigate effects of climate change has led to a rapid pace of change and innovation in every sector. The state and central governments plays a vital role in establishing the necessary policies and strategies to mainstream sustainability amongst its citizens. Various departments in the central and state government have taken initiatives focused on sustainability. Urban Local Bodies and Gram Panchayats (or village councils) in India are uniquely placed to help deliver the change as they directly interact with the communities to develop and implement local sustainability practices. In effectively planning and executing sustainability programs in the public sector, it is necessary to have a deep insight and understanding of the technical, institutional, financial and social aspects of sustainability.

Major Projects:

  • Ex-Post Evaluation of the Bangalore Metro Rail Project (2020)
  • Preparation of Compendium on Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Best Practices under the Uttarakhand Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Individual Consultant basis) (2016)
  • Preparation of Compendium on Best Practices O&M of Rural Water Supply Projects in India (Short-Term Consultant basis); (2014)
  • Sustainability Assessment of Multi-Village Water Supply Schemes in Karnataka, India (2013)
  • Conduct of Cost-Benefit Analysis for greening the energy supply chain of a multi-national company in India; (2013)
  • Feasibility Study to determine the viability of hybrid renewable energy power supply configuration for a mining facility in Karnataka, India (2012)
  • Conduct of Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Environmental Initiatives of a multi-national company in India; (2011)

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