Climate Change and Sustainable Development have emerged as issues of utmost importance that need to be addressed in a holistic manner by every community in order to sustain the quality of life. ClimateSD Services has been formed to mainstream these concepts in the projects that we manage, in the client’s activities where we provide our services and in the deliverables where we are a part of.


The goal of our talented team of professionals is to act as a true extension of our Client’s office with a specific role of assisting our clients to realize their project objectives in a manner that effectively addresses aspects on Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Towards this, ClimateSD Services can act as a resource that can carry out projects either independently or in partnership with other firms to produce top-quality project outputs within agreed-upon deadlines.


What we do best

Project Formulation For Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

ClimateSD Services are geared towards assisting project proponents to incorporate
climate change assessments during project formulation and enable climate financing.

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Climate Change Mitigation Through Participation Under CDM, GS or VCS

ClimateSD enables GHG emission reductions projects to register under CDM / GS / VCS Standards and participate in emission trading.

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Mainstreaming Environmental Management

ClimateSD conducts EIA / EMP studies and its implementation as per national / international guidelines to enable effective environmental management in projects.

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Mainstreaming Sustainability

ClimateSD enables projects to achieve sustainability by assessing and incorporating in projects and programs all aspects of sustainability.

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Facilitating Water Conservation & Reuse

ClimateSD assists project proponents to mainstream new innovations and concepts to facilitate water conservation and reuse to address depleting water resource availability.

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Implementing New Technology Projects

In association with S&S Fintech, LLP, we conduct feasibility studies, provide detailed designs and develop a viable financial structure to promote new technologies in industries.

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